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Christopher younger


Chris Younger is a 14-year-old boy with a rare heart defect called Truncus Arteriosus. He is a very strong and resilient young man as he has gone through many surgeries and hospital stays in his life. Three days into his freshman year, Chris underwent septic shock, and all of his organs and blood flow shut down. He was quickly put onto life support ECMO and miraculously fought through. Chris came out of the ECMO with kidney failure, liver failure, and heart failure and was then put on three months of dialysis. Due to the lack of blood flow on ECMO, his limbs took a very hard hit, and he became an amputee in October with amputations above his knee, below his knee, right-hand, part of his right arm, and on multiple digits of his left hand. During the months of October and November, he underwent 19 OR trips. In December, he got an infection that pushed surgery dates back. In January, he got to do cadaver grafts to his legs. He will be transferred to Shinners Children's hospital to finish his recovery soon. Chris' goal is to one day have prosthetics and be running, swimming, playing music, and playing video games again. Against all odds, Chris persevered through many hardships in his life, and we are so happy our efforts went to an amazing family for the 2020-2021 school year. We were able to raise $5,000 dollars that went to a downpayment for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. 






Ethan Mccoy was a strong, brave, and resilient young man on the Autism Spectrum. He enjoyed the great outdoors, legos, and succulents. In the summer of 2020,  Ethan was diagnosed with a very rare pediatric brain tumor. He had three brain surgeries and underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatments at UC Davis. Ethan continued to fight and remained resilient despite setbacks in his cancer journey. Ethan has passed away as of October of 2020 but his spirit continues to live on and Project CHAP will continue to spread his story. Learn more about Ethan’s story by visiting his YouTube channel or continue to support him by donating to the Memorial Scholarship Fund created in his honor.


Meet Our Club and Ethans Parents

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